This project is focused on your wellbeing as a teacher. The Well Network intends to offer a space for you to connect with other NT teachers to share and practice resilience and wellbeing strategies. Together we may be able to better understand the needs and issues associated with the wellbeing of Northern Territory teachers.



This study will run throughout 2014. The first stage of this study consists of a pilot project that involves the development of a private and supportive online community of NT teachers interested in strategies that support and nurture wellbeing in the workplace.


Special events:

During this pilot a number of scheduled events will take place such as a face-to –face seminar at Charles Darwin University and a free online course in Mindfulness training.



This study will necessarily collect data. By participating in this project it is assumed that data collected from discussions, surveys, website analytics and short courses etc. will be gathered, analysed and reported against. It is anticipated that this data will inform the design of similar services that will meet the needs of, and support teachers in the Northern Territory in a sustainable way. At the conclusion of the project all data will be securely stored for five years prior to destruction as per Charles Darwin University protocols.



Participation in this project is entirely voluntary and all participants are free to withdraw participation at any time. Data collected during the consent period may be used by the researchers. However, there are expected benefits from engagement in a supportive online environment, including cost-free participation in seminars and short courses. All participants will also be provided copies of findings, reports and academic papers upon request. At times participation may invite some reflection on stresses and anxieties, as experienced as a normal part of daily life. This, however, will not be a clinical site. Hyperlinks to Lifeline and beyondblue will be activated.



During registration of interest in participating in this pilot study participants may choose pseudonyms to mask their professional identities. In analysing the content and data of the website the researchers are bound by ethical guidelines that maintain anonymity of participants at all times.




Dr Sue Smith, School of Education, Charles Darwin University

T: 08 8946 6316 E: sue.smith@cdu.edu.au


Dr Jon Mason, School of Education, Charles Darwin University

T: 08 8946 6632 E: jon.mason@cdu.edu.au


Professor Richard Midford Professor of Health in Education, School of Education/ Menzies Centre for Health, Charles Darwin University

T: 08 946 7443 E: richard.midford@cdu.edu.au